Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Mize Tribe

So, I have to start out by saying that we just happen to have the coolest friends imaginable.  Seriously.  The group of people we have the honor of knowing span the entire spectrum of creatives and artists from painters to authors to musicians and more.  We truly are blessed to know such unique individuals and even more blessed to call them true friends.  You will get to meet many of them through this blog as we have had the pleasure of taking their photographs.

One of those families I am speaking of pretty much fits into every category artistically.  The first and most important works of art Baily and Toby have created are their two adorable little boys!  Beyond that painting, photography & music are just the beginning of the list of their creative endeavors.  I seriously am amazed constantly at the creativity and artistry out of these two.  Besides that, they are the most laid back, genuine people you will ever find and they just look freaking cool, right?!?  The only thing wrong with them is that they live about 12 hours away from us which puts a damper on us getting to hang out as much as we would like ;)

Today happens to be Baily's birthday and I think it would be awesome for you to go to their Mize Tribe Arts facebook page and show them some love. You can tell them that I sent you and while you're there, tell Baily happy birthday!  You can also visit their website at

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