Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the one.

I am a firm believer that some things are just meant to be.  Jonah and Allison are one of those couples who certainly prove that theory of mine.  Bala and I met Jonah just over 5 years ago after he had recently moved to the coast.  We instantly bonded with him and have loved this guy ever since.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about him and am so excited to see him get his girl who he has been in love with for the entire time we have known him and even before we met.  The day of the engagement session was the first time we had actually met Allison in person and she is every bit as beautiful as her photographs show.  I could not be happier for these guys!  We are so excited to be a part of their special day which is coming up  very soon.   Bala and I will both be documenting it all in photographs and video.  So stay tuned, this isn't the last you will see of these two.

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